Thursday, February 25, 2010

I saw this on my new favorite blog ( and decided to steal the idea!  In case you've ever wondered any random trivia about me, this is your dream come true. :)
4 Jobs I have had:

1. McDonalds (dont judge. i was in high school).
2. Ticket counter at a gated community. (Got to work with friends, sit on my rear and read or crochet most of the time. miss it.)
3. Work Study at my college admissions office. (believe it or not, least favorite job. dont miss it)
4. Catering. (dont miss that either.)

4 Movies I have watched more than once:
(Not counting the ones my kids have watched over and over.)

1.Sleepless in Seattle - my all time favorite
2. Emma (The Gwyneth Paltrow one)
3. Lady and the Tramp. (it was my 'fall asleep to' movie in college.)
4. K-Pax. (not necessarily my fave but the hubby loves it! and we own it. cheap and easy)

4 T.V. Shows I cannot miss

1. The Office (i watch on hulu)
2. Lost (Totally love it, totally hate it. Totally addicted to attempting to figure anything out.)
3. Psych (makes me laugh!)
4.Monk, when it was on. My all time favorite show.

4 People who email me regularly:

1. Susanna, my dear friend who lives a bazillion miles away.
2. Lora, my other dear friend who lives on the same street as Susanna, a billion miles away.
3. My sisters. My other dear friends.
4. danni, my other dear friend who lives in the same city as 1 and 2, a bazillion miles away.

4 Places I have been:

1. Wales. Choir trip. I LOVED IT. if you ahve the chance, go there. So beautiful.
2. Scotland. Choir trip.  Go there too. The other most beautiful place I've ever been. Greenest green you'll ever see.
3. Brazil. missions trip at an orphanage. The water off the coast is SOOOO blue. If i could paint my house that color, i'd be happy all the time.
4.  Canada. Another really beautiful place once you get past Toronto. :-)

4 Favorite Foods
(keep in mind I'm pregnant.)

1. Pringles
2. Fast food
3. any kind of pesto
4. Lo-mein

4 Places I would like to visit

1. I want to go back to Wales!
2. Italy
3. New Zealand (but no thanks on the long plane ride.)
4.  Hawaii. I need a beach.

4 Things I am looking forward to this year

1. moving into my new house!
2. Getting a tiny bit more organized.
3. Crafting in my new craft space
4. welcoming pumpkin #4 into our family!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Friday, February 19, 2010

5 things I love Friday!

Today I picked 5 of my favorite websites that always make me happy to visit! Enjoy!

1. Lora's shop of vintage goodies. Go see it!

2. Her son has autism and she believes the Lord for good good things! She also wrote an amazing book that changed my life and she gave it to me for free!

3.  My sis-in-laws blog. I love her updates even though she lives 5 minutes down the road.

4.  Our dear friend Ryan's blog

5.  Better Homes and Gardens, I'm obsessed with decorating just a little.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

the Lord has heard my prayers...

and we are buying a house!! :-)  A cute little 1300 sqaure foot cottage on the West side of Oswego.  I can't wait!!! I'll be posting some before/after pictures as soon as we move in.  All of the paperwork is with the bank, we are just waiting on the letter of commitment from them, and then we should know approximately when we are closing. Should be mid-late March.  Needless to say, for those of you who know me, I am constantly dreaming about paint colors, decorating ideas, clever ways to store things, and furniture arrangements.  I wake up in the night and can't go back to sleep because all I can think is "should i paint the living room light blue, light gray, or light turqoise?" AH! Cant wait to make it a reality.
Here are a few of the ways in which the Lord worked all this out:
1. The seller was asking $66,000 and they accepted our offer of $57,500!
2. The inspection found some plumbing issues, and the seller agreed to pay for the entire thing
3. The garage is huge, heated and insulated, with room for a tool space AND office/guest room!
4. There are 3 bedrooms and a 4th tiny little room that will be a nursery.

Also, we learned that our tax refund will be enough to cover closing costs and the down payment. It all fell into place, I just had to be patient. :-) Go figure?!

I know, i know. You are all just sitting on the edge of your seats waiting for photos. Well, hold your britches! The pictures will come when we close on the house. In the meantime, pray that everything continues to move along smoothely.

My camera charger is somewhere in storage, so for now, an oldie but goodie of my cute kid and hubby:

Friday, February 12, 2010

5 things I Love Friday

1.  spending gift cards on things you KNOW you are going to use!! Got to go to Joanns today and get a yard of every single fabric i wanted!

2. the fact that i'll be moving in to my OWN HOUSE next month!! Thats right, we are buying a house!!

3.  Cheddar Cheese pringles. I could eat a whole can by myself. Seriously.

4.  talking to my closest friends who still live 14 hours away. Lora, Danni and Sooz you guys are so precious to me

5.  the Lord. He is the lifter of my head!!