Friday, July 3, 2009

5 things I love today!

1. Praise report! Medicaid ended up covering Ro's clinic appointment last week! I love surprises like that!

2. walnut-garlic pesto. if you haven't eaten it, you need to try joels' recipe!

3. when friends bring me random treats :-) Thanks for the frosty, Lora!!

4. The Office. My latest interest. I think Dwight Schrute is the funniest tv character EVER. I love that show.

5. watching my baby play quietly by herself in her bed after a nap. her sounds make my heart happy.


LaDonna Sasscer said...

Bring the recipe to church tomorrow! We just bought walnuts. =)

LaDonna Sasscer said...


There are several speakers at an upcoming home school seminar in Charlotte that I think will really interest you. Not so much the home schooling part, but the therapy for vaccine-injured children and autism spectrum therapies. Here's the link:

Contact me if you want to go!

Kim B said...

Dwight is my favorite character too!