Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Can somebody say HOUSE?!

We are moving into our new house this weekend! I'm telling you:

I Can. Not. Wait.

We close on Thursday, paint and move stuff in Friday, unload the storage unit Saturday and voila, we're in our new home! So excited. I will post before/after pictures for sure, so check back for those.

Aren't you excited?
There's alot to do before we can move in. Lots of little bits of packing (make sense?), cleaning the rooms we've been using at the in-laws, phone calls to make about utilities, bank accounts, address change, etc. But guess what? I'm not even stressed because my excitement takes over and all i can think about is, 'YAY!".

Ok, you'll hear from me in a few days, maybe next week. :-)


Lora said...

so happy for you!!! cant wait to see the pictures...

susanna internicola said...

howse? :) excited to see pics!! so happy for you queen jenn--have fun in your castle :)