Tuesday, September 7, 2010

When things get tough...

Whenever I get discouraged or start going through a time in my life that I know I need enrougagement, these are the things/friends/sayings/pictures/whatever that help me remember and stay the course...

My favorite book of all time, God's living Word. No other thing is as life-giving as His promises.
My other favorite book.  If you are a mom or a family member of a kiddo on the autism spectrum, this is an absolute must.  I have read this book 3 times. I'm pretty much always reading it. It is full of encouragement and truths when I am in the midst of the world reminding me there's no hope.
The first time i read this book, I was on a self-inflicted retreat of solitude. I locked myself in my friend's guest bedroom for 3 days and read, prayed, slept, repeat.  This book changed my life that weekend. Such a great picture of our journey with the Lord through all of the valleys, on the mountain tops, and in between. I think I'll re-read this one soon.
Not sure where I found this photo, but every time I look at it, I think about how God created this world with the eyes of an artist. Isn't it just so pretty?
Cheesy though it may be, it's true. :)
My Lora.
 My Sooz.
My man.
My sis in law.

My Danni

And of course, my whole family!  (need a good pic of all of us!)

 There are so many other people, pictures, etc that I could post here.   I am blessed, God really loves me alot.



From Snowflakes To Hotcakes said...

Great post, sis!

1. I may steal your idea and pass it on as my own. Well, at least steal it. I'll probably give you credit. Maybe. ;-)

2. I think that if we were to take a poll of all your facebook and blogger friends who would put YOU in their own identical blog entry, you'd find the answer to be astronomical. You are an encouragement and a blessing, and I am so blessed to be your sis. Lots of people have sisters, but I am especially honored as the oldest to have younger sisters who are good and Godly sources of wisdom and insight, like you and the rest of the sisters (and Bud, but he's a boy, and boys drool.) I love you!!!

Lauren G said...

0o9i8u7yI love you!!!!

Lora said...

thank you, friend. i needed that bit of encouragement today. i love you! :) lora

susanna said...

great idea for re-evaluation! i love you too jenn...good perspective. you are amazing!!

K. Langston said...

Hi, Jenn!

I am updating my blog, too, and just now found your post. My dad often tells me that I need to re-read Autism's Hidden Blessings, too. God walked me through my own discouragement during the process of writing it. He's really the author of hope!

I signed up to follow your blog! Keep writing!