Tuesday, September 1, 2009

my boy is all grown up!

on our way!

This is before he realized I wasn't going in with him. (yes i let him take his blanky the first day!)

Well, sort of!! He started pre-school yesturday. I can't even believe it. My first reality shock was when I had to get him sneakers to wear to preschool, and find a backpack. A BACKPACK! seriously?!

Luckily, I only cried a little when I dropped him off yesturday morning. He, on the other hand, did not only cry a little. He cried loudly, and then much throughout the morning. But the teacher, (who rowan already loves) said that when he did cry, it didnt' last long, so that is some consolation to me!

He is there from 8-11 am, 4 days a week. I think he is going to start loving it soon, as they do have a lot of fun. I'm very excited to see him grow and learn to do and say new things. And my time with the other kiddos in the mornings have been wonderful. I'm not much of a picture-taker, or I'd post more pictures of my amazing little munchkins. I know some people (Lora!) who include a picture in every post. Thats probably a good idea but I just dont think to take them! maybe someday I will.

My etsy shop has lots of super cute new bags listed. You should go see! I love these little vintage handbags. I will probalby keep one of them if they don't sell soon.

In house news, we recently staged the house and took photos for the realtor. I guess it's going up on the market sometime within the next couple weeks. Wow! We could be in NY any day now. Cant wait! I'm really looking forward to being up there again. Although, the weather and company down here as of late is truly delightful. I always get second thoughts when I think about the friends here whom i love so dearly. And as for the weather, this week it has truly begun to act like fall. Nice and cool in the mornings and stays relatively temperate all day! I haven't turned the AC on yet and it's almost 3 oclock. thats new!

Alright, time to go sneak a nap. Bless you all!


Lora said...

yay!! so cute. i am so happy for rowan. i know he's going to love preschool. and you are going to love having a quiet morning with your two babies...
love you!

Anonymous said...

Aw, man! He is completely adorable. I literally teared up looking at these pictures - those big eyes. Like he's saying, "Mama! What's going on?" I'm glad it has gone so well, but I wish I could have given you a hug. I know that had to have been a hard morning. I love you, sister!

LaDonna Sasscer said...

So happy for Rowan! Sounds like a great place for him to spend a morning. =)