Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Vacation here we come!

In a couple of days, we're traveling up to NY for my beautiful sister, Betsy's, wedding! We'll be up there for a week or more visiting family and possibly even house hunting. I am SO ready for this vacation. There is nothing like being with the grandparents, aunts, and uncles.
Our house went on the market yesturday. It was bittersweet for me. I love my friends here. I love my neighborhood. I dont necessarily love living in suburbia, but thats trumped by the amazing people who I share this suburbia with.
Joel and I made a decision the other day. I know I mentioned before that Rowan is going to start in-home ABA therapy as soon as possible. Well, right now, in our current living situation (meaning, our rent payment is freakin huge), we can't even come close to affording the cost of this therapy. We realized that when we move to NY, if we buy an inexpensive home, all of the extra money can go towards this therapy. Then it dawned on us: we have to go SOON. The sooner we go, the sooner we can start his therapy. It is incredibly frustrating knowing that there is something in existence that can help our son tremendously, but money is preventing it. If you all dont know, ABA therapy is the gold standard of therapy in the autism community, and ALWAYS helps. Always. It may not always recover a child with the diagnosis of autism, but it always always helps. The Lord spoke really clearly to my heart yesturday while I was praying and said that I am laying down my life for my son.


I never looked at it that way, and I certainly wouldn't say that I'm doing that. But HE said that. He said that all of the sacrifices we are making leaving here, leaving our closest friends and a home and church that we love, is an act of laying it all down for Rowan. He's worth it.

So, we are praying that this house would sell quickly for WAY more than it should, so that we can take that extra money and use it for a down-payment on a home in NY. God can do it.

One more thing: We will soon be starting to send out a newsletter with all of our Rowan updates, prayer requests, etc. If you want to receive that, just comment on this with your email address and i'll get in touch with you about where to mail it.

Love you all, thanks for bearing with us in this journey. Keep praying, our family needs grace in this time!


Carla said...

I want Rowan (and the rest of you) updates! angelhalo13@hotmail.com

bekahgreutman said...

of course we want it. can you email it to us>?