Monday, November 23, 2009

i'm in a pickle...

Here's the current dilemma:
As i've mentioned in the past, we are pursuing in-home ABA therapy for RoMo. So far, we actually have several therapists and a supervisor lined up to do the program, but we only have the funds to provide about 8 hours a week for him. So, for now, we are considering half-day preschool. Now, here lies the pickle:

The pre-school is at least 20 minutes away, which means at least 1.4 hours of driving for me every day, since i pretty much know Rowan will not do well on the bus. (us moms know our kids!). It sounds like an ok program, except that he wont be getting much 1:1 attention, its not ABA, and the amount of driving for me pretty much negates the whole joy of having alone time with my other two kiddos.

My other option that the school district offers is 1.5 hours/day of in-home services. That is sounding really good to me right now! We already have one therapist lined up to do 3 hours/day of ABA, so that would make 4.5 hours/day of therapy at home for Ro! That seems to fit Rowan's needs better than the preschool that only kinda fits.

Honestly, the main draw for me was this: Ro would be out of the house for 3 hours. You moms know what i mean! When you have a high-maintenace child, the thought of them being under someone else's roof for a few hours a day is highly appealing! And I thought it might be good for him, but now i'm wondering if it'd actually be better NOT to do that. And the more I think about it, the more i realize that I'd really miss him.

So, in an effort to do whats best for Rowan, not ME, :-) I think that Joel and I have decided instead to keep Ro home and better prepare him to go to preschool by doing as much 1:1 ABA as possible.

The kicker here for me was that I don't feel a peace from God for sending him to preschool, and i really wish i did!! My good friend Liz always says "Let peace be your referree". So, Holy Spirit, you got me on this one.

I'll keep you posted on if anything changes.

PS This photo is in case you've forgotten what a good-looking husband I have.


Lora said...

hey girl. i think you're right. sounds like God is making it clear to you about the decision you should make. God will give you the grace you need.
I love that picture of Joel - it totally captures his spirit and personality!

Anonymous said...

I love you, Jenn, and think you're incredible. Your kids are so blessed to have you and Joel as parents. God sure knew what he was doing when He chose you as their parents, because you are both so committed to listening to His voice and following His will. You inspire me, little sis! :-)

By the way, the word verification for this post is "blencen." I don't know why, but it made me smile. Also, I'm have a Duggar-a-thon this morning and cleaning during the commercials. Makes me think of you. :) LOve you!

Mom said...

Jenner, trust the intuative instincts that God gave you as Rowan's mom. Sometimes the best things for our kids is not always the most convenient. God will give you grace (charis - greek for grace - Pastor Bo's message Sunday:)Love you!!

By the way, the verification for this post is chanks, I think I've heard you say that, haha.