Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Not-So-Wordless Wednesday

(more to come soon...)

Me and Bella at my sister's house in Texas! We visited for a few days last month. It was an awesome time! Good sisterly bonding, lots of relaxing (can you say Gilmore Girls and The Duggars!). Bella had fun with Aunt Laurel's dogs. She loves barking at all dogs now! It's very cute. She's awesome.

Bella having fun playing out on the deck. Look how cute my daughter is! They don't come any cuter.

A huge tree was cut down and Asher loves the mulch. What kid wouldnt?!

Love photobooth! Asher likes to say "Sa-mile!"

My new product in my shop: scrap packs and fabric bundles! Just one of the many new things coming.... check it out!!


Lora said...

its so good to see your face! you look amazing!! and your kiddos are so cute. thanks for sharing!
blessings on your new listings on etsy. the photos look great! :) love you, lora

Anonymous said...

love you jenn!!