Friday, December 4, 2009

5 things I Love Friday

 Hi all!! If you are looking for the post about the giveaway that I'm doing, it's here! If you haven't looked at it yet, its worth your while! I'm so excited to already have over 80 comments!!


5 Things I love Friday:

1. Fresh motivation to sew! I just got a burst of it yesturday and got a TON done! Christmas presents, orders, etsy shop listings. I LOVE being productive!
2.  My sister-in-law, Lauren. She is such an amazing mother, wife and friend. I love being together and going through life struggles with each other. She is a priceless treasure!!
3.  Remembering good times.  Every time I talk about fun things from the past, I get a renewed love for those people that they happened with.
4.  Frosted Mini-Wheats. Who DOESNT love them?!
5.  House-hunting.   It may annoy some people, but i LOVE the process of learning what I can live with, without, change, etc.  I get inspired thinking about home projects! I've read alot of DIY magazines. :-)

Random photo of the day: My doodle.


Lora said...

love that picture of your boy!

Lauren G said...

Awww thanks Jenn. what a nice thing for me to wake up to! That picture of Asher is AMAZING! Love you!

Mom said...

What a cutie! He looks like my grandpa Ormsby, your great grandpa.
Love ya, Mom