Saturday, January 23, 2010

5 Things I love Friday! (on Saturday hee hee!)

1.  the Food Network. I love it TOO much. Way too much.

2.  Reading in bed. I love going to bed early and just reading until my eyes get tired.

3.  Feeling the Lord move on my heart. Every week at my church I feel the Spirit and I just never get sick of it!

4.  Friends who care and check up on me when they know I've been having a tough time. I love my dear friends.

5.  When Joel takes out the garbage. And when he takes over cooking dinner because he knows it's making me nauseous. He loves me.

Bonus thought: When I get my own house, I would love to make my bedroom look something like this. Ecclectic and really fun!! I love love love the colors on the bed.


susanna internicola said...

those chandelier thingys look like they would get in the way of getting in and out of bed....very cute though!!

Jenn said...

Sooz! :) I think those lamps are actually up above the tables there, but that'd be funny if they weren't! I probably wouldn't get THAT fancy, my main inspiration is the bed. Love it!

Liz Carey said...

Love your creativity!

I Love Baby Quilts! said...

I also love the food network way way too much!