Monday, June 29, 2009

long day in Columbia, SC

We took our little Robug to the Developmental Pediatric Clinic today for his evaluation and they told us what we already knew. Ro has classic autism. If I'm being totally honest here, I will tell you that it wasn't any easier to hear it, even though we already knew. It still took my breath away and made feelings rise up in me that I forget are there sometimes.

That being said, we are glad to finally have a diagnosis! I knew before we went that the only reason we were doing this was to get eligible for the services that he needs. The appointment itself took about 2 1/2 hours, spending all of the time with only one developmental pediatrician. I was under the impression, from what I've read, that an evaluation normally is attended by several types of therapists and doctors, but apparently at this clinic, it's a one-on-one thing. Not sure if I think that it was the best way to do it, but either way, he got his diagnosis and we can finally move forward with therapy. One encouraging thing she did say is that Ro's main issue is only in one area, communication, which makes me encouraged because that is an area easy to help in!

My stance remains the same through all of this: We continue to stand on God's promise, what he TOLD us and confirmed several times: He is going to heal Rowan. Every day I am more firm on this, and honestly, I don't care whether or not you agree with this. Because frankly, it doesn't matter what anyone else says! I have my promise from the living, eternal, all-knowing creator God and that's all I need, baby!

This is my blog, I can say what i want. :-) Love you all very much! Keep joining with us in prayer. It avails much.

-Rowan's mommy


susanna internicola said...

amen jenn!

ryan i said...

i do agree with you and with God's promises for Ro.

LaDonna Sasscer said...

"Standing, standing, standing on the promises of God my Savior..."

We're standing with you, Jenn! I totally believe in the promise of God to you. He DOES do miracles- sometimes instantly, sometimes incrementally, but always -always- He keeps His word. =)

ps Could you please put in order, #1 being the most pleasing, the fruits and vegs that we have been able to pick up at the state line market? It would help me know what to get when I have the chance to get a little extra.

Jenn said...

sooz, thanks! Ry, I know you do! LaDonna, #1 Pineapple, #2 coconut #3 mango #4 papaya
thank you so much for blessing us!

Jenn said...

oh i forgot! Zucchini and squash are at the top of that list along with pineapple. Love produce!!

Lauren G said...

Amen Jenn! I love you and Ro so much and are standing with you in firm belief that Rowan will be better! When adversity strikes you get to see a person's true character, and let me tell you you are a much more amazing person than I ever dreamed! Your strength and determination are from the Lord and inspire all around you! I love you!

LaDonna Sasscer said...

Oh! You liked the papaya did you? It's good stuff, really good for you for some reason I don't know. Ask a nutritionist. =)

Ted eats his with lemon, and so now I just cut the whole papaya into chunks and squeeze a whole lemon over it and put it in a freezer bag. A small papaya is good for two to three days around here.

David Carey said...

Jenn, we stand with you guys and believe for a complete and total healing. This will be just a memory and a testimony of the Lord's restoration. Many blessings and love!

Jacob and Lacy Ferrell said...

Jenn..I feel lead to remind you that Rowan's name means Red Warrior..correct? The Lord gave you and Joel this name for a reason..and I believe it has to do with his healing!