Monday, June 15, 2009

TACA seminar in Atlanta

Here is my big boy with his new hair cut! So handsome :-)

Joel, Susanna, Bella and I went to Atlanta for the day! Joel and I had signed up to attend a "Talk About Curing Autism" seminar and Sooz volunteered to take Bella for the day while we went to the seminar. It was awesome!! Sooz and Bella spent the day roaming around Atlanta with our dear friend Kim, who lives there. We woke up at 5 AM (which was not easy with only 4 hours sleep prior!), then drove 4 hours to Atlanta, only to get there and sit for another 7 in the seminar. On the way, there was an amazing rainbow in the sky. Sooz shouted, "Look! There's your promise!" The Lord promised us many months ago that he was going to give us our so n back. So I think he was just reminding us that day of that. Ok, moving on!

Suprisingly, we made it through the whole seminar. I thought for sure Joel was going to fall asleep but he did great, after a few times of getting up and walking the halls. My back was hurting from sitting for so long, but since I was so interested in what was going on, it didn't bother me that much. Thank God! Joel and I learned so much during those hours sitting there, especially Joel. I feel like I'd heard most of it before, but for him, it was the first time and it's really nice to be totally on the same page with him now! And he was thrilled to be learning all of this. We are now SO motivated to keep moving wiht this thing.

While we were there, we met a Christian couple and got to sit and pray with them over lunch. We laughed and cried together and it was awesome. Just to be able to relate to someone like that was priceless to us, as we'd never met anyone else going through what we are. Such a great divine encounter, thank you Lord! I'll never forget Larry and Laura Lea, and their little boy Lorenzo.

We came away from Atlanta with a bag full of resources, a notebook full of scribbled notes, and the gumption to keep going. I am a bit overwhelmed with all of this new information and with all this new motivation, so please pray that i can pace myself! TACA's motto at the seminar was "Autism recovery is a marathon, not a sprint, so pace yourself." I can totally see myself completely burning out if I'm not careful, and I certainly dont want to neglect my other children!

Above all, continue praying that God would heal Rowan. I know that He can, and I hold to the promise that He said He would!

Here is a photo of my little Bella, hanging on to the window sill (under Daddy's supervision of course. She is only 7 months but she sure is strong!)


Tori Marshall said...

Has it really been seven months already? Reading about the rainbow gave me chills! You are a wonderful mother and I know you will never burn out on loving those amazing babies of yours!

Danni said...

You and Joel are amazing parents...We are believing with you that God will heal, will recover, uncover Rowan!