Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Looky what I made!

Here's some new things I just made. I LOVE sewing things for people (especially and, actually, only when i'm motivated). I'm not sure why, but right now I have the motivation to get through my back orders of bags and nursing covers. Check out this super cute nursing cover!

The picture doesn't do the green justice. It is the juiciest lime green I've ever seen on a fabric! Just love it.

Next project on my list: a pillowcase dress. I have seen them made in lots of etsy shops and I'm really excited to try!

The other day, my good friend Lora was visiting, with her kids, for a playdate. She was trying to change her very squirmy 2 yr old daughters diaper and she said "Be still, I have to change you!" All of a sudden, she realized that that's what the Lord would say to us. Be still, He wants to change you! Isn't it great how mommy's can encounter the Lord and recieve revelation by changing poops?

:-) I love God. He's funny and He speaks, and sometimes He speaks funny. Poopy diapers can be prophetic!


Lora said...

that WAS pretty cool, huh? i love it when God does that.
i love that green fabric!! so pretty. love you and miss you! as soon as i'm well, i'm gonna come over!! lora

Tori Marshall said...

:) You are an amazing artist, mom, person, and friend! I love seeing your creations!

Mom said...

You are very insightful, daughter. I used to tell myself I was mirroring Jesus when i was cleaning by making things clean again. Sometimes I beleived it, usually I just wanted it done!!