Friday, August 21, 2009

lots to consider right now...

Man! I feel like I've got 2 full time jobs! Mommy, and independent researcher. There is SO much to learn about autism, recovery, treatments, therapies, supplements, etc. It's insane! Listen, if you guys want to know what we're going through, to relate or simply just understand, go to or, two of my favorite websites. TACA has TONS of resources that i use alot.
anyway, right now we're trying to figure out how to move forward with therapy. His preschool offers speech therapy and occupational therapy, which is going to be so good for him. However, we've been feeling like there needs to be more one-on-one, intensive stuff. So the past few days, i've been looking into ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis). This is the 'gold standard' for autism therapies. In one study that the founder of this therapy, Dr. Lovaas, conducted, 47% of the children who were in intensive ABA therapy shortly thereafter became mainstreamed in school without an aide and lost their diagnosis. Thats a big number, folks!
So, we're really trying to figure out how to make all this happen. The Lord has to provide the money to pay the therapists, as it can cost up to $30,000/year to do this. It's not covered by the government, although I am going to try to apply for a waiver. The waiting list for that is over a year though, so I wont count on it. It is actually infuriating to know that, although this is an EPIDEMIC, the government and most insurance companies simply will not pay for most treatment options. 1 in every 150 children have autism. 10 years ago, the number was 1 in every 10,000. That is simply not a genetic disorder, that is an environmental illness and for heavens sake, what is the world thinking by not trying to find the root cause!!

Ok, off the soap-box Jenn.

So pray for us, that we can get all of this worked out. From researching, I already know that Rowan is going to respond amazingly to this therapy. I am so excited to start it but have no idea how it's going to happen. And i dont want to waste any time! ya know?

On a non-Rowan-related note, I have been sewing like crazy! For some reason, my motivation level is WAY up there right now. So if you have a friend's birthday coming up, or a baby shower, let me know! I'd love to make you a custom bag, purse, blanket, whatever. Seriously. Its fun for me!

Bless you guys, and thanks for trekkin' this road with us.



Liz Carey said...

We bless you guys and are praying for your journey through this!
Much Love from The Careys

Lora said...

love you girl. praying for you guys with all this stuff. i'm excited about my bag!

Jessa said...

Hi Jenn! Just visited and she is having a very interesting giveaway. And I thought of you. Not sure if you are interested or not, but thought you might want to enter. (hugs)

Tori Marshall said...

Hey! Eric's stepbrother just had a baby girl, so we'll look at your site!! Love you

Jenn said...

Tori: great! i just finished a REALLY cute baby quilt that I'll be posting later today.

Lora, Liz: thank you friends! love you guys

Jessa: thanks for the idea! i love that site!