Tuesday, October 6, 2009

post-trip recovery

We had a fantastic time in NY with our friends and family. We got revved up for moving there too. The weather this time of year up there is chilly but pleasant, and you can just smell the fall scent. I love it. It smells like leaves. If you haven't had the pleasure of enjoying this season in the north, i strongly recommend it!
The first few days, we spent in my hometown, Westfield, for Betsy and Andy's wedding. It was absolutely beautiful and perfect. My sisters and Cait (my brother's sweet girlfriend) sang a few songs in the ceremony, and let me tell you, that was such an honor. Here are some photos from the day from Cait's camera:

the beautiful bride herself, getting ready to see her man

i stole cait's camera and got a couple of sister shots

father of the bride holding Bella, the flower girl

The bride and groom sharing a moment. They're awesome!

While in Westfield, we stayed at this really great inn-type place. Like an old fancy bed and breakfast, only no breakfast. It was so cool. The boys had their own room, and we shared one with Bella. When we weren't there, we were playing in the church nursery or running around the park. While Joel graciously agreed to stay with sleeping kids, I helped my family with set up and clean up. It was too short of a time, but still it was a good time!
The second half of the trip was spent in Oswego, the town we will soon be moving to. We did alot of sitting around, visited with good friends, checked out some houses, and got pre-approved for a mortgage(!). All in all, a wonderful trip. But get this! On our way back to SC, the van broke down while driving 70 mps down route 81 in PA. Yeah. The power just stopped. No dash, radio, lights, windows, etc. Turns out it was the alternator, which of course Joel knew but was confirmed by his dad. The Lord got us all the way off of an exit and to a McDonalds (so the kids could eat and not totally freak out the whole time. Thanks for that, God!). Here's how the next few minutes went:
We complained alot while pulling off the road.
Parked. I went in to get food.
Joel went up to this guy and asked where an auto parts store was. Next is the abridged conversation:
"Sir, can you tell me where an auto parts store is?"
"Sure. How about I take you there, you buy your alternator, and I'll bring you back. Then, after that, you can use all the tools in the back of my truck to put it in. Then how about after that, I give your car a jump and then wait with you to make sure its all working right?"
"Uhm, OK!"
Definetely God ordained. I just love when He does that stuff! I could have done without Asher throwing up 3 times, but whatever. It's life.
Now we're back, and me and Bella are getting over a cold. Ro is back in school and loving it. I have a Ro update too, but I'll have to do that another time.
Here's some photos from our time in Oswego


Liz Carey said...

Yay! It looks like an awesome trip and I'm so glad the Lord protected you guys on and off the road! :) Can't wait to see you soon.

Jessa said...

Great photos Jenn! Looks like you guys had an awesome time. So happy for you!

susanna internicola said...

so glad to have you back!