Saturday, October 31, 2009

quick update!

We made it ot NY! My friend Danielle drove up with me and the kiddos last night and we arrived at 1 AM. Let me tell you, that last 3 hours was torture! But we made it and everyone is alive and in one piece.
We are living with Joels' parents until a house comes on the market that suits our needs. The kiddos are having a blast hanging out with their cousin Andrew. I know that they're going to miss their friends in SC, just like we do.
It has been very hard leaving our house on Durand, and our friends there. I already miss them all terribly. It was so difficult saying goodbye to the house that our children ALL took their first steps in, first words, first teeth, birthdays, holidays, etc. Lots of sweet memories. Thank God for photos and videos!!
Off for now, pretty tired and did i ever tell you i HATE halloween? well, i do. More updates soon!



Jessa said...

I hate Halloween too!!! Glad you guys made it safe!

Lora said...

glad you made it safely there. miss you much... love you girl